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Janta offers consulting initiatives that enhance business operations effectiveness in the following major areas:

Organizational Development:

Janta helps clients develop and implement sound business strategy incorporated in the performance management of organization and its human capital.

  • Human Capital Division Start-ups or review
  • Human Capital Management Audit
  • Human Organization structure, restructuring
  • Job design and functional analysis
  • Industrial/employee relations & termination management
  • Business Ethics/Code of Conducts

Employee Rewards Systems:

Janta helps clients define, design, and deploy compensation and reward strategies that drive organizational success. We provide clients with a total compensation system that aligns employee motivation and productivity with defined roles and performance measures.

  • Job evaluation
  • Compensation and Benefit design, policies, and systems

Talent Management:

Janta helps clients increase people competencies and organizational performance through development of systems and tools in:

  • Recruitment, Selection, Placement
  • Performance appraisal and management
  • Career Development
  • Employee and Management Development (assessment and development planning)
  • Succession planning
  • Talent Retention

Human Capital Management Advisory Services:

Janta provides updates and advises related to Human Capital strategies, programs, practices, and local regulations on regular basis.

Commitment and Performance Assessment:

Janta helps clients define measure and maximize employee commitment, the hallmark of a successful organization.

  • Employee Opinion Survey
  • Organizational Culture and Leadership Survey

Outsourcing Services:

Janta provides the knowledge and resources to expertly perform clients’ human capital functions, allowing them to streamline their internal processes and concentrate on generating profit in their core business. Start-up or small organizations that do not have a full-time Human Capital person, or where the Human Capital staff may need technical support on compliance or other complex issues may take advantage of this service. We offer custom-built programs, fit to their organization’s current and future needs.

We focus our outsourcing services in three areas:

1. Employment Process Outsourcing (hiring services)

Janta employment process outsourcing services help organizations free from the time- and cost-intensive administrative processes that any number of hiring scenarios demands. We assure that qualified candidates are identified, screened, and hired – on time and on budget.

2. Payroll & Benefit Administration Processing Services

Janta provides outsourcing services in processing organization’s payroll & benefit administration such as:

  • Payroll reports/Slips: Income and Deductions, Overtime/Shift, Loan
  • Income Tax Reports
  • Medical Reimbursement Reports
  • Employee Loans Reports
  • NSSF/NHIF Reports
  • Employee Salary Bank Transfers
  • Monthly Journal Entries

3. Human Resources/Capital Information Systems (HRIS) Implementation

Janta provides outsourcing services to assist organization in implementing new/customized HRIS, to ensure smooth and timely installation.

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