Employee Leasing/PEO

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Small to mid-sized businesses can take advantage of our PEO services to improve employment practices, manage compliance issues and reduce risk and liability. At Janta Kenya, we offer the integrated services you need to compete with larger companies by attracting the most qualified employees to your company. You can keep your focus on generating revenue and developing your business while we provide the human capital services that will help build the best company possible.

Janta Kenya offers a cost effective solution for human resources outsourcing, and our PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services include HR, payroll, insurance, employee benefits, recruiting, training, and much more. We can work closely with you to tailor an effective action plan for your business.


What is Co-Employment Model?

Co-employment model allows the existence of co-employment relationship; between the concerned parties; where the client company continues to direct employees’ day-to-day duties and activities. Because the PEO companies takes on the majority of HRD task of the client company; making them free to focus on the revenue oriented wings of the entity.

At the same time, we as the Professional Employment Organization; categorically holds certain rights, responsibilities, and risks.

We act as the “employer of record” on an employee’s, deliver and manage employee benefits, payroll processing and tax administration, workers’ compensation, and much more.

PEO Benefits

A Professional Employer Organization acts as the employer of record for both tax and insurance purposes, so when companies contract with a PEO service, they will immediately experience a number of benefits. When you work with us, you can:

  • Reduce time spent on employment administration
  • Offer better benefits packages than you could on your own
  • Eliminate the need to build your own HR department
  • Comply with any industry regulations
  • Consult on best practices and discover how to improve productivity
  • Reduce your liabilities and other employer risks
  • Create a working environment that is attractive to the most qualified employees

When you contract with a national PEO company, you will still direct the day-to-day activities of your company and make the decisions that will foster growth and generate revenue, but we assume the employer responsibilities and risks.

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