Essential Management Skills

Essential Management Skills

This course contains sessions which cover the objectives set out in the course. For ease learning and teaching there are notes to read provided underneath.

Four main objectives have been covered in this course; the first is to to equip those in their managerial role with the necessary skills, practical tips and techniques to manage both individuals and the team with confidence. The second objective is that the audience will be expected to be involved in various Activities, each with details including time, materials and what needs to be achieved, so that they gain essential management skills which are required in business. The audience will not only be supplied by information on managerial skills, but also be allowed to participate physically in demonstrating skills, ideas and real life encounters.

This course identifies competencies that may aid role effectiveness at senior managerial levels. It fills a research gap: while managerial roles and competencies have been studied fairly extensively, their relationships have been demonstrated. This particular skill set will ensure you have the ability to perform your job functions while at the same time communicating effectively with your team. Considering:

Technical skills – will allow you to actually accomplish your job.
Interpersonal skills –will enable you to communicate with other people.
Conceptual skills – give you the ability to see the overall picture and goals of your organization.
Diagnostic skills – give you the ability to assess and react to individual situations.
Communication skills – relate closely to interpersonal skills and allow you to both relay and receive thoughts and ideas.
Decision-Making skills – allow you to recognize problems and effectively identify and decide on a plan of action.
Time-Management skills – allow you to organize, prioritize, and delegate work in the most effective manner possible.

As a manager, it’s often difficult to juggle your individual tasks with your management roles. Each and every day involves a series of interruptions as you are challenged by your scheduled tasks, surprise meetings, unexpected phone calls, staffing concerns, and other unpredictable occurrences.

Each of the skill sets we are going to explore is important in and of itself. An effective manager will be able to mold each of these skill sets together, thus allowing him to not only guide his team, but complete his own day-to-day tasks with as much efficiency and as little stress as possible.

It explores leadership styles and how to apply them effectively.  It looks at what motivates people and how to give them constructive feedback on their performance. It covers;

Your role as a Manager

  •   The functions and responsibilities of  management
  •   Key tasks and competencies
  •   The relationship between the task, the team and the individual

Performance Management

  •   For individuals
  •   Effective Objective Setting and Review
  •   Giving constructive feedback
  •   Practical skills to help increase performance


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