Employee Training and Development

Janta focuses on the advancement of Human Capital to knowledge-driven, value-added and strategic component of organization development by facilitating continuous learning and skills upgrading to help individuals contribute meaningfully to their professions and organizations.

Janta offers the following training & development programs and services:

• Professional Programs; specialized in Integrated Human Capital. The programs, comprising of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, are designed to accommodate participants with different educational backgrounds and career aspirations who wish to master or pursue their career in Human Capital areas. The programs provide fundamental Human Capital disciplines, with various modes of delivery.

• In-House Training Programs; the programs are customized to suit organizations’ specific training needs, and can be conducted at premises of clients’ choice. The subjects could be any part of our Human Capital modules, or interpersonal and leadership skills.

• Workshops, Briefing, Updates, Seminars; Janta offers and organizes various events such as seminars, forums, dialogue sessions and workshops to enable Human Capital practitioners to exchange ideas and information, and keep abreast of current HC issues and government policies. Topics covered are current and relevant, generate in-depths and accurate observations, and provide practical skills and knowledge.


Mr. Steven Kigwa, Highlands Water Retail Sales Training

Mr. Steven Kigwa, Highlands Water Retail Sales Training

Janta’s trainers and facilitators have a strong background in industries and the professions, with excellent performance in subject delivery. Our team is supported by excellent successful business speakers for their specific expertise and management skills to combine academic vigor with hands-on business savvy.

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